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Dump The Junk: Providing Professional Eviction Cleanout Services Junk Removal

At Dump The Junk, we know how complicated evictions can be. We understand that, as a landlord, you face uncomfortable situations, including evicting your tenants. Unfortunately, as much as you trust your tenants with your property, there’s always the risk of them leaving all their furniture, mess, and even garbage after they’re gone.We know you want to be a responsible landlord and to do that, you must provide a clean place in pristine condition for the next tenants. Dump The Junk provides top-quality eviction cleanout services. Every property owner deserves to have the peace of mind of knowing their property looks perfect and ready for the next occupants.

What You Get From Working With Us

Dump The Junk is a licensed and locally owned, family-operated junk removal and hauling company based in Cumming, Georgia. Our attention to detail and thoroughness showcased by our staff has earned us a 100% rating on HomeAdvisor and an overall 5-Star rating on Google, thanks to our excellent estate cleanout experience! 

We’re the perfect partner to help clear out your space hassle-free. When it comes to eviction cleanouts, Dump The Junk is your go-to choice. Our friendly crew will be there to take away all the unwanted items with a smile on their face. 

Our Eviction Cleanout Process

From furniture and appliances to clothing and home accessories, we’ll ensure your rental property gets back into shape quickly. We’re experienced in handling all types of situations and will provide removal services with care. 

Dump The Junk’s eviction cleanout process involves disposing of any remaining items after your tenants have left. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and make sure that all materials are disposed of responsibly. 

Call Dump The Junk For All Your Eviction Cleanout Needs!

Ready to prepare your property for new tenants? Let’s get started! 

  1. Call (470) 287-7535 or visit our platform to schedule an eviction cleanout service.
  2. Explain your needs, provide your address, and together we’ll set a date and time that works best for you.
  3. Watch how you get a clean slate for your property and feel proud when you show it to potential new tenants!

Hire Dump The Junk’s cleanout services today! Avoid letting your property deteriorate with former tenants’ furniture or forgotten garbage. Instead, enjoy a spacious place ready for new occupants!